Farnborough International - Rolling out the WINGS Programme

Connect the people who represent you to who you are, your values and your core vision.

Every two years, Farnborough International hosts one of the biggest and most iconic air shows in the world.  In 2018, the air show returns and this year, every staff member who will welcome these enthusiasts will attend a new programme designed by the Moonshot Team, WINGS!

Wings-White-Outline-300dpi HI RES.png

Core Engagement Strategy

Emotionally connect all staff to the history, tradition and values of Farnborough International.

Key Strategy Deliverables

Establish the WINGS Programme using core modules focused on:

1. Common Purpose

2. History

3. Values

4. Culture Standards

5. Quality Standards

6. Staff Recognition

WINGS Programme Goals

To inspire, engage, educate and empower while making people feel important, connected, cared for and appreciated.

Want to learn more?  matt@mshot.co in Europe or rob@mshot.co in North America

Matt Lynch