NFLUK - A Common Purpose for Everyone.

Every person your fan or guest interacts with is going to either be a detractor or promoter of your brand. 

The NFL London Games brings avid NFL Fans, most of which are not coming to see their team play, to London every October.  This year, three games will be played in London with two at Wembley Stadium and a third at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.  Long before the games are played, an engagement strategy is in progress to ensure every staff member that serves at the host venues knows exactly what their purpose is on those gamedays.

NFL Staff Engagement Strategy

The NFL knows that their fans expect every staff member on gameday to be a part of the NFL experience.   With that being said, a year long engagement strategy is executed to ensure every stadium staff member feels an emotional connection to the NFL, long before the teams show up for the game.

The Strategy - Emotionally Connect as many front liners to the NFL, make them feel special and give them a purpose on gameday.

Litmus Test - Every front liner should feel inspired, educated, empowered, engaged and cared for by the NFL.  If they don't, we've failed them.

Key Strategy Deliverable 1 - "HUDDLE" sessions (not training sessions) are delivered by the NFL Facilitator Team.  This team is trained in staff engagement and is there to inspire, engage, empower, educate and make people feel cared for and appreciated.  These sessions are executed throughout the year and become more frequent 30 days out from the first NFL game.

Key Strategy Deliverable 2 - An NFL Recognition Team is deployed on gameday to recognize staff that are displaying behaviours and actions aligned with the NFL common purpose.  Two levels of recognition are deployed and this team is tasked to ensure that front liners are recognized "on the spot" for being a positive promoter of the NFL experience. 

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Matt Lynch