England Hockeymakers - A Team Driven by Purpose

I spent last weekend in Solihull, a small town just outside of Birmingham, England. What I found there was unexpected. An engaged, front line team that had given up their Sunday to travel from all parts of England to be a part of a something bigger than them. Some had driven hours to get to this all day training session.

What type of person gives up their weekend to volunteer and spend their own time and money to go to a training session on a Sunday? They are the England Hockeymakers. I’ve seen this “type” of person before. It’s a person with high “purpose.” They are typically people that seek out purposeful work, both in their free time and their professional lives. They seek a connection with people and are rated high in empathy, caring, relationship extension, work ethic, and service. When I say service, I mean they seek to serve others.

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Matt Lynch